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Come Take Part

Southwest Virtual’s application process is quick and easy, so that your entry into our virtual airline is seamless. Our requirements for entry are reasonable, and they are listed below.

Application Requirements

  • A valid Infinite Flight Community account

  • At least 13 years old

  • An active Infinite Flight Pro subscription

  • Grade 3 status

  • Ability to pass a written exam and flying test

  • Landing/violation ratio of less than 0.22.

Please note that we conduct background checks - if you have a history of discipline, including suspensions, on the IFC, or a watchlist status with the IFVARB, your application may be denied. In addition, if you are on the IFVARB blacklist or do not fulfill all of the entry requirements, your application will be denied.

To become a pilot, please fill out an application on our Crew Center via the link below, and our recruiters will get back to you!


Note: We are currently receiving a high number of applications and response times may be delayed. If you do not receive a response within 5 days of submitting an application, please send us a DM. Thank you!